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Many of you will already be aware that the Leagues chosen charity is the local Precious Lives appeal .

Aim of the appeal is to raise £5m to build a Childrens hospice covering the Plymouth and Cornwall areas. The hospice will be for children with live limiting conditions of which sadly there are over 1000 families effected in the South West struggling to deal with the unique challenges of coping with a seriously ill child.

The nearest hospice is Barnstable which could be round trip of over 200 miles. That is if your child is lucky enough to find a place

The leagues aim is simple- to raise as much money as possible for this marvellous local cause.

What could be more natural and worthwhile than children helping children. Helping children that may never be able to kick a ball or feel the frill of scoring a goal.

If you would like to find out more visit the Precious Appeal Web site

How can we help ??

We will ask for voluntary donations on entrance to finals days where we envisage everyone to be very generous- especially the team officials and players who do not have to pay !!

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