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"How do I record a match result?"

Click on the black tab at the top of the page marked "Enter Results" and follow the on-screen instructions.

"When do I record a match result?"

As soon as possible after the match has been played but at least within 48 hours.

"Who is responsible for recording match results?"

One representitive from each team must record the result online for it to be registered on the website.

"If the team cannot play the match what do I do?"

Follow your league rules for requesting a postponement. Use the website via the 'manage teams' menu option. Postponements must be requested before the scheduled date and confirmation received from the league.

"Why can I not enter a result?"

Either the match is not scheduled to be played yet or a previous fixture was not completed. In either event the match should not have been played and you will have to contact the appropriate fixtures secretary to rectify the situation and find out if a fine is required.

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