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The FA have not produced a hard copy Disciplinary Handbook again this season but they have produced an online interactive reference guide to aid Leagues, Clubs and Players through the forthcoming season.

The handbook will be a useful guide to explain the disciplinary process and details the changes that have taken place over the last few years - principally the introduction of the match based disciplinary system, and the adoption of this system for youth football.

This year's guide also includes videos and resources that will go into greater depth to explain the disciplinary process.


Introduction from Mark Ives, Disciplinary Manager Processing Misconduct Charges Respect Member Services - a walk through guide


Suspension Notification Form
Club Statement
League Statement
Sending Off Paperwork
Board of Appeal
Alternate Charge Notification
Multiple Charge Notification
Penalty Points

Plus there is a new Leagues section to provide guidance for administrators regarding the Powers and Duties of the League.

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